Chinese New Year just passed and it’s the year of the rabbit, but I can’t help make a post about last year’s auspicious animal – the beautiful, bold, and powerful tiger.

It was on display at the Customs House in Sydney, Australia last year for Chinese New Year. The tigers combine ancient lantern making methods with? digital design and fabrication technology, bringing east and ?west together through tradition and innovation. The big cats are a collaboration between multinational architectural ?practice Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) and Customs House to mark the year of the tiger and raise awareness about the ?endangered status of tigers. The tigers are at 8.5 feet (2.5 metres) high and 23 feet(7 metres) long and weighs approximately 440 pounds and use fully recyclable materials, aluminium and? barrisol, a new light weight reusable stretch material. Pulsating low energy? LED lighting brings the sculptures to life.

It’s so grand and beautiful, would have loved to see it in person.

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A Fresh Flower Blue
It's a fresh flower blue.
I wrap it in a sheet.
I love its scent, it's hues.

It sips the mist, the dew
and leaves an odor, treat
It's a fresh flower blue.

Its pets, the bees and crew
they meet, they greet, they eat.
I love its scent, its hues.

From dawn to dusk they woo
and bask in rain or heat.
It's a fresh flower blue.

There's a flower for you
There's one for me. A treat!
I love its scent, its hues.

The day I say adieu
I send you one so sweet.
It's a fresh flower blue
I love its scent, its hue.

Agatha Lai