Origami Weekly Presents - April 18, 2010, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

Our friend Nicolás pointed out that it had been way too long without an Origami Weekly magazine. He helped us out with a nice article describing the fairly simple design process of his excellent Pillbug.

Pillbug - Nicolás Gajardo Henríquez

Hope you enjoy learning some new things. I know I did!

Origami Weekly 2010 6-7-8 Triple Issue, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

Putting out a whole magazine weekly is just too ambitious. Working and/or going to school (which all of us are) makes that a near impossibility. We'll likely be switching to a monthly format. Details TBD.

Origami Weekly 2010 6-7-8 Triple Issue

Origami Weekly 2010 - Week 5, originally uploaded by Origami Weekly.

Hey there, sorry we're late, we've been real busy. Here's Issue 5. The Pentagon challenge is over, and we have a new contest, with a twist.

Origami Weekly 2010 - Week 5

Thank you all for keeping up with Origami Weekly!


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