If your love for origami is truly genuine and want to learn about the history, math, creativity and understand its real world applications – this is the book you’ll want in your library. Origami 5 covers 4 sections in the following manner:

1. Origami History, Art and Design
2. Origami in Education
3. Origami in Science, Engineering, and Technology
4. Mathematics of Origami

Each section has about 10-15 articles about origami theories, mathematics, experimentation, and application. The articles reveal the juiciest origami secrets you won’t find in mainstream magazines or books. If you are a nerd, you will like it. Trust me.

Okay, it’s not origami, but it’s definitely filed under paper engineering. A graduate of the School of Applied Arts Duperré (Paris) in textile design, Mathilde Nivet creates dreamy and whimsical paper structures for retailers. If she dressed every window for every retailer in the world, I’d want to enter every store! Look at the intricate detail and handmade work! Amazing!

Inspired by origami’s three-dimensional frame, Lianna Sheppard created Modu_gram – a series of 3D wearable structures, named Octa, Tetra, Edra and Poly. A recent graduate in Fashion at Kingston University, Lianna created a fashionable sculptures, allowing the fashionista to wear it at different positions on the body. Constructed with elements such as light, movement, structure and color Modu_gram is quite a lovely piece to sport at a nice dinner party.

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